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VELscope: Precancer Detection in Santa Barbara

Oral Cancer Screening with VELScope in Dr. Weiser’s Santa Barbara Dental Office

VELscope is an oral assessment tool that helps Dr. Mark T. Weiser with oral examinations. It can detect infections of the fungal, bacterial, and viral variety and can help detect cancerous and precancerous cells. The VELscope is an excellent diagnostics tool that is used in Oral Cancer screening here in our Santa Barbara dental office.

VELscope is a well-reputed laser diagnostic tool that can measure for oral infections, non-invasively and painlessly.  It can measure bacteria in your mouth and provide data that can alert your dentist to an infection. The examination takes just a few quick moments.

Preventing Oral Cancer

Regular dental examinations provide your dentist with an ability to detect any anomalies or problems early. Early intervention provides the best chances for successful oral cancer treatment.

Tobacco, oral sex and the human papilloma virus, heredity, poor nutrition, and other factors could put you at risk for oral cancer.

If you believe you have signs of Oral Cancer, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Signs of oral cancer can include sores that won’t heal, sudden problems with swallowing, and changes in oral sensation. These symptoms could be indicators of other problems, such as gum disease or an easily treatable oral infection but it’s important that symptoms are not ignored.

Dental Technology a Priority at Dr. Weiser’s Santa Barbara, CA Dentistry Practice

If you are in need of a dentist in Santa Barbara, Dr. Weiser has an excellent reputation. Dr. Weiser invests in the latest in modern dentistry equipment and techniques and operates with a holistic mindset to treat patients based on their needs. The health of the mouth directly impacts the health of the body. Dr. Weiser strives to help patients achieve a beautiful and healthy smile and these can translate to other areas of your health and your overall wellness and happiness. In addition to VELscope, his Santa Barbara dental practice also leverages other diagnostic laser tools, such as DIAGNOdent, in addition to offering laser gum surgery. Non-invasive diagnostic and dentistry treatment options are used wherever possible. Call (805) 899-3600 for an appointment.