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Biological Dentistry in Santa Barbara

Dr. Mark T. Weiser knows dental health is tied to body health and vice versa. He has invested in the safest technology to promote whole body health. 

“We continually seek out materials and methods that do not harm the body and are the most biologically acceptable. We are not a big believers of "storing “metals” in the mouth as they may be poisonous or toxic on your immunal health or can produce galvanism which also can lead to long term health concerns.”
—Dr. Mark Weiser

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Mercury Safe Filling Removal

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Ozone Therapy

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Non-Metal Restoration

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TMJ Treatment

Many people in Santa Barbara suffer needlessly with jaw, neck and head pain caused by TMJ disorder. Dr. Mark T. Weiser utilizes the revolutionary NTI-tss device to treat TMJ / TMD pain...Read more

Non-Surgical Treatment for Gum Disease

Treat gum disease without surgery. Safely eliminate the bacteria in infected pockets without surgery. Multiple benefits include...Read more