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Restful Sleep is Vital to Your Health.
Get Your Permanent Answer - w/out a CPAP

How Do I Stop Snoring?

For many patients, a custom-fitted Oral Appliance prevents snoring. By gently advancing your lower jaw forward and creating an open airway for your throat, it eliminates the vibrations that cause snoring. 

"I can stop your Snoring. I have been helping patients achieve healthy, restful & quiet sleep for years...
I can do the same for you! Most snoring occurs when air pathways are blocked during sleep. Thus, its important to open the airway to allow more oxygen."

—Dr. Mark Weiser

The Easy Solution to Snoring

The use of a custom fitted Oral Appliance is the best solution because it solves the underlying cause of snoring by opening up restricted airways. Yet it is non-invasive, travel friendly and the comfortable option that really works.

  • FDA-Cleared Dental Appliance

  • Gently Advances Your Jaw to Open Up Airways

  • Far Less Invasive than Surgery or Forced Air Machines

  • Custom Fit, Comfortable & Discreet

  • High Quality with 3-Year Warranty

91% Report Improvement in Sleep Quality 

 Most Sleep Appliance Cost is Covered by Your Medical Insurance.

“The Anti Snoring Mouth guard (or Oral Appliance) is a great solution for most patients. Both Patients and Spouses appreciate its simplicity, appearance and low impact. In the end, patients use more frequently and with few problems.
More Good News – Most Sleep Appliances are covered by your Medical Insurance."

—Dr. Mark Weiser

No More Snoring Means:

  • Restful Sleep for You AND Your Spouse

  • More Vitality & Energy To Do The Things You Love

  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease & Stroke

  • Improve Your Relationship


Common Questions From Our Patients

Is the Anti Snoring Oral Device Effective?

Yes.  Clinical studies have shown our Oral Appliances work well for treatment of snoring.  We use the industry's top products, FDA Cleared and custom fit for your comfort.  Its a great, practical alternative to CPAP machines or invasive surgery, and importantly stops snoring.

Is it Covered by Insurance?

Oral devices are covered by Medicare and many health insurance plans as a medical device.  Our expert team will work with you for the best possible coverage and minimize costs.  

What are the Health Implications of Snoring?

Snoring is a medical and emotional issue.  Snoring can lead to heart disease, and can be a sign of sleep apnea, a serious medical condition.  It also costs you and your partner vital sleep, often causing resentment, arguments, less sex, unhappiness and worse. 

Why is a Custom Fitted Dental Lab Oral Device Recommended?

We create a custom impression of your teeth, critical for comfort, fit and to insure no tooth movement over time.  It also ensures the oral appliance stays in place while you sleep.  As a result, 88% of patients report regular use.