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Digital Radiography and Imaging:

Why Dr. Weiser Chooses Digital X-Rays for his Santa Barbara Dental Office

Dr. Mark T. Weiser is a Santa Barbara, CA dentist who continually invests in his practice and digital x-rays are available at his Santa Barbara practice. Between continuing education courses and dental technology Dr. Weiser strives to provide exceptional and minimally invasive dental care wherever possible. Digital imaging and radiography equipment, also referred to as digital x-rays, are one of the many areas of dental technology that Dr. Weiser has invested in for the benefit of the patients as well as for efficiency in his dental office. If you are interested in meeting for a consultation about preventative, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry, book a consultation today.

About Digital Radiography:

Why choose a Santa Barbara dentist who uses digital x-ray equipment vs. conventional methods? This dental equipment offers benefits to the dentist, the staff, and most importantly digital imaging equipment offer significant benefits to the patient.

Digital X-Ray Patient Benefits:

When comparing digital x-rays to standard / conventional x-rays, there is significantly less exposure to radiation with the modern digital option. While dental x-rays expose patients to a small amount of radiation, the difference between conventional and digital can be up to 90% less radiation.

The images are also crisper, meaning that your dentist will get a far more detailed image that can help them spot and diagnose problems. Subtraction radiology, also a benefit of digital imaging equipment, also enables Dr. Weiser to watch for changes in your oral health from appointment to appointment.

Improved Office Efficiencies:

Digital x-rays can easily be shared. They’re available instantly and they don’t have to be printed. This means increased efficiency in your dentist’s office and office staff don’t have to be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals involved in x-ray development.

The ease of sharing without the need for printing and waste from traditional x-ray do-overs also means that digital imaging equipment is kinder to the environment.

Additional Reasons to Choose Dr. Weiser in Santa Barbara, CA

When you consider your options for a Santa Barbara dentist, there are many choices available. Choosing a dentist who strives for minimally invasive treatment options benefits you in a number of ways. At our Santa Barbara dental office, we leverage the latest in proven best practices and dental technology to make every appointment as stress-free and as comfortable as possible. Dr. Weiser gets great reviews as a Santa Barbara dentist who cares. Call Dr. Weiser’s Santa Barbara dental office for an appointment today at (805) 899-3600 for an appointment.