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“I’ve got control of my sleep and my life” —Janice

“I thought at first it was all in my head. My colleagues at work stopped inviting me to socialize with them and would avoid me. I thought I must be getting paranoid – why would they behave like this?

Then my friends started doing the same thing – they started to avoid me, stopped calling and were busy when I called. Finally, my best friend told me what was going on. My bad mood and irritability were affecting my relationships with other people. I knew I was tired and cranky from lack of sleep, but I hadn’t realized how bad it had become. Crankiness and loss of temper were putting people off. This was more serious than I realized.

Now, it’s like there’s a new me, but it’s the old me come back. After being treated by Dr. Weiser for my sleep problems, I sleep through the night and I’m back to my old self. I have control of my emotions and I am no longer irritable and easily aggravated. I have patience and control of my emotions and I look forward to each day. My friends and family want to socialize with me again – I went from being a pariah to being me.”

“I never thought the problem was… dental” —Bill

“I never knew what people meant when they said, 'I had a great sleep – slept like a baby!' I didn’t know what it was like to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

I started each day wondering when I could go back to bed; I was always exhausted. It didn’t matter if I went to bed at 8 p.m. or 10 p.m., I was always tired when the alarm clock went off. It became normal to me to feel that way after awhile.

During a routine dental appointment, Dr. Weiser asked about my overall health. After hearing about my sleep problems and constant exhaustion, he suggested some possible solutions. He was inquiring about my overall health and I explained how tired I was. After listening to my scenario, he suggested some answers and potential solutions. I had no idea my sleeping problems were dental related. Now that I’ve had the treatment, I hardly remember what it was like to be that tired, thanks to Dr. Weiser.”

“Our relationship suffered because of his snoring.” —Nadine

“From the moment we met, we fell in love and got married, Dave was my hero, perfect in every way. We had a great life, travelled and built a new home, and started a family.

At first, David was an occasional snorer, but it wasn’t a big problem. Over time, his snoring became progressively worse. We tried everything – over the counter medications, sleep disorder clinics, lifestyle changes, but nothing worked. It started to affect our marriage.

I was tired and I became resentful and angry towards David because of his snoring. Both of us were irritable and exhausted. I mentioned David’s serious snoring problems to Dr. Weiser at my next visit. He suggested David see him, and that he knew what the causes might be. Dr. Weiser was able to rid David of his snoring and we have a happier marriage today because of it.”

“Sleepless No More” —Jeff

“I became an expert on Infomercials and sports statistics – I could tell you the benefits of any fitness tape or vacuum cleaner. I knew the batting averages, penalty minutes and win-losses of any team you could ask about. I was an insomniac and late night TV was my companion.

My newfound knowledge didn’t help me though – my friends or family members were not impressed. My personality changed because of my sleep deprivation and I was increasingly more irritable and miserable to those around me. My sleep loss interfered with my relationships with friends, family and co-workers.

I tried everything (including learning how to play guitar) I could think of to help me sleep; consulted with doctors, took sleeping pills, tried natural remedies and nothing worked to relieve the cycle of insomnia. Since I talked to Dr. Weiser about my sleep problems, I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference it has made in my life. He understood my problems, concerns and frustrations and provided me with the solution to stop my long nights of no sleep forever. Now I have restful nights and revitalized days.”

“My dentist probably saved my life” –Ted

“I knew I was a terrible snorer, going all the way back to college. My college roommates and teammates constantly ridiculed me about it and even gave me the nickname ‘buzz’. To this day, there are some who don’t know my real name.

Later I met and married my wife Elizabeth. We had many talks about how to ‘cure’ my snoring, what to do about the sleep disruptions and who or where I could go to for help. But things came to a head one night when Elizabeth shook me awake because I had stopped breathing entirely for several seconds. Then we started to seriously explore some options. She monitored my breathing through the next several nights and was frightened by the number of episodes where I would stop breathing.

When I mentioned these bizarre episodes to Dr. Weiser, he said I was experiencing sleep apnea, a serious and potentially fatal sleep disorder. He told me chronic snoring could be a pre-cursor to sleep apnea. He treated me for the snoring and sleep apnea, which are now under control. I went to Dr. Weiser for my regular check-up and I believe he saved me from potentially devastating health complications.

To optimize your health and get answers to your snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, and all sleep disorder questions, your search is over.”

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