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Intraoral Cameras at Dr. Mark T. Weiser Dentistry

Intraoral cameras are small and non-invasive.  At about the size of your dentist's mirror, they are used in diagnosis, in helping your dentist during procedures, and they benefit you, the patient, giving you the ability to see your mouth first hand. 

Each patient has a screen in the treatment room that allows them to view all x-rays and intraoral pictures that we take.

A dentist benefits from clear, concise color images of what is going on in your mouth, making treatments and recommendations easier to understand.

Why Dr. Weiser Users an Intraoral Camera:

 If your dentist has ever shown you an x-ray in order to describe dental work that needs to be done, you know it can be a bit difficult to see the full scope of problems through a two dimensional black, gray, and white photo. But when you see a clear and concise picture of what’s going on in your mouth, it can make treatment recommendations much more real.

A dentist benefits from using an intraoral camera and so does the patient because you can both see what’s going on in your mouth, from every angle and your dentist can often see things that aren’t as easy to see with a naked eye and a mirror. This can mean earlier diagnosis and more conservative treatment options. This is also helpful for consultations where you have discussions with your dentist about treatment options.

Another benefit to the patient is that intraoral dental cameras enable you to watch while work is being done on your mouth. Some patients find it very interesting to watch work being done on the monitor while in the dental chair and because of how helpful these cameras are, they can even mean less time spent in the chair.

Reasons to Choose Dr. Weiser in Santa Barbara, CA

When choosing a Santa Barbara dentist, it’s important to look at the treatment philosophy of that dental practice as well as the technology used. When a dentist invests in technology that helps do their job better as well as that helps you be an informed patient, this works in everyone’s favor. Are you looking for a new dentist or do you want help with a specific area of general or cosmetic dentistry? Dr. Weiser has a skilled and caring dental team, leverages modern dentistry equipment, uses the latest in non-invasive dental procedures, and strives to make every single appointment as stress-free and as minimally invasive as possible. Call Dr. Weiser’s office for an appointment today. Call Dr. Weiser’s office for an appointment today. Call (805) 899-3600 for an appointment.