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Cosmetic Dentures in Santa Barbara

Explore Your Options to Replace Missing Teeth or Replace Old Dentures.

Replacing missing teeth is important. Not only will leaving a gap in your mouth cause your other teeth to shift but it could affect bone structure, too. Whether you need to replace missing teeth, want to replace old dentures with new ones, or are looking at improving your smile and suspect the process might involve some tooth extractions, today’s choices are abundant. 

"Cosmetic dentures are a popular choice and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see just how attractive and natural today’s cosmetic dentures are."
—Dr. Mark Weiser

Choosing Cosmetic Dentures Over Alternatives

Are you comparing options for replacing missing teeth? Cosmetic dentures can be more affordable than some alternatives, such as dental implants, for instance. In the case of either solution, our office provides dental financing, too, so that the cost of getting the smile you deserve doesn’t have to be prohibitive. We have access to even whiter, more natural looking denture teeth than ever before! Dr. Mark T. Weiser uses smile design principles to make sure that your dentures look fantastic.

Santa Barbara’s Dr. Mark T. Weiser, Cosmetic Dentist

“People don’t know that I have dentures – they look so natural that no one knows they aren’t my own teeth! I feel so much better about myself. When I go out, I smile and have a great time!
— Connie - Patient from Santa Barbara

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, Santa Barbara does offer a number of choices for cosmetic dentures and alternatives. But working with Dr. Mark T. Weiser and his team give you access to the latest in dental technology, his smile design techniques, and get you comfortable dentistry in a spa-like environment. To learn more about cosmetic dentures and other dentistry areas that could improve your smile, your oral health, and your quality of life contact our Santa Barbara dental office for a consultation at: (805) 899-3600.