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TMJ Neuromuscular

TMJ/ TMD Relief: Neuromuscular Dentistry Treatment

Many people in Santa Barbara suffer needlessly with jaw, neck and head pain caused by TMJ or Temporomandibular joint disorder. Dr. Mark T. Weiser utilizes the revolutionary NTI-tss device to treat TMJ / TMD pain and associated symptoms.

Cause and Symptoms of TMJ

Symptoms of TMJ include jaw clicking, jaw locking, radiating jaw pain, migraine headaches, and other symptoms including neck pain and back pain could be related to the jaw. TMJ sufferers often remark that stressful times increase TMJ symptoms. Bruxism (teeth grinding) and clenching can aggravate TMJ pain. Many grind their teeth subconsciously when stressed and / or do it in their sleep. You don’t have to suffer needlessly. TMJ treatment and relief is available.

Neuromuscular Dentistry Treatment

The NTI-tss device is a tension suppression system that offers a drug-free way to combat TMJ and associated pain like headaches. There are no negative side effects of the NTI-tss and reviews are generally very favorable. The NTI-tss device is a small acrylic device that can reduce clenching by a third. It can help your muscles and jaw relax and stay in a more optimal position. Many of our Santa Barbara dental office patients see results in just a few treatments. And many who have sought out treatment for TMJ report that neck and upper back pain as well as migraines stop completely.

T-Scan Occlusal Analysis in Santa Barbara

The T-Scan is a force measurement tool and a diagnostics tool leveraged at the dental office of Dr. Weiser in Santa Barbara, CA.

This tool helps record bite force and enables Dr. Weiser to do so with greater accuracy when compared to manual articulating paper marks. Dr. Weiser uses it in a variety of ways to benefit patients.

Uses for T-Scan

The T-Scan can be used in a variety of areas, including basic dentistry procedures as well as periodontal treatment, in orthodontic treatment, with TMJ disorder treatment, in determining tooth pain sources, in preparing customized dental appliances in removable prosthetic dentistry, in implant dentistry, and more.

It offers software with patient files and 3D and 2D images for dentist and laboratory use as well as for patient education. The T-Scan eliminates guesswork and improves accuracy for a comfortable and more aligned bite. It can help your and your dentist avoid additional appointments to make adjustments due to the large amount of room for error with articulating paper marks alone. It records timing as well as force.

The T-scan analyzes your bite and measures pressure. It provides your dentist with important information that can be used in treatment and in creation of dental appliances to fix bite issues.

Biting down on an ultra-thin sensor provides all the data required.

Call our Santa Barbara dental office today to learn more and see if you are a candidate for this exciting new TMJ treatment.

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