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Lisa – A Smile to be Proud of

”Before I came to Dr. Weiser, I was embarrassed by my smile. When I talked to people, I wouldn’t fully open my mouth because my teeth didn’t match the rest.

“Dr. Weiser gave me a smile I could be proud of. I have received so many wonderful comments about beautiful white smile. The team is so nice – it’s like home here! Dr. Weiser is very warm and compassionate and explains everything he is doing.

Thank you Dr. Weiser. I love my new smile!”

Cara – A New Smile

Just ask Cara what cosmetic dentistry can do. Much of her childhood was spent in a dentist’s office. She had two rounds of orthodontics and jaw surgery…and there were still problems. She had spaces between her teeth, discoloration, an overbite, and some of her teeth had never come in. As an otherwise attractive young person, this had a profound affect on her confidence – and her life. “I wanted to act and model,” remarked Cara, “but I was so self-conscious that I would put my hands over my face when I laughed. Who can model like that? It made me so shy and it totally hindered my career. I just couldn’t give producers the smile they wanted.”

When Cara came to Dr. Weiser for help she knew she had come to the right place. “Dr. Weiser is so friendly and sympathetic. He listens to you and makes you feel comfortable. I feel like I have known him forever.” Dr. Weiser placed veneers on Cara’s teeth, whitened them and recontoured her gums. Now Cara has the confident smile she was afraid she would never have.

“A smile is the most important thing you have to offer… now, thanks to Dr. Weiser, I have one! I always want to smile big and huge. I’m not shy anymore. My personality has blossomed. I feel like I have started a new life!”

A Note from Cara’s Father

Cara and father”It is never easy for anyone to see a child’s pain. It is especially difficult to watch your own child suffer. Cara had so much physical pain and difficulty related to her teeth. Worse, in a way, was the emotional pain her smile caused her. I guess I shouldn’t say that her smile caused her pain – it was more the lack of a smile.

Watching my beautiful daughter cover her mouth when she laughed, watching her withdraw from people because she wasn’t sure that they would accept her, lovely as she is, was one of the most difficult things I have gone through in my life.

You can’t imagine how wonderful it feels to see Cara smile… I mean really let loose with a big, bright, invincible smile. It’s like a kind of rebirth. She has come out of her cocoon and is more colorful and vibrant now than ever. What a joy. Thank you Dr. Weiser.”

Sue – Discover the Sedation Difference

”I was afraid of the dentist. In fact, I had not been to a dentist in six years! I knew I had a lot of problems and knew I needed to go, but my fear was standing in the way.”

“When I walked into Mark’s office I knew I would be okay. He is so caring. The spa treatments are an extension of his personality – he goes out of his way to make you feel relaxed and special, and the sedation really helps. When you are here, it is your time.”

Does all this really make a difference? Just ask Sue. “Mark placed eight veneers on my top teeth and ten on the bottom with no pain. My fear of the dentist is finally conquered. A visit to this office is social and fun. I love it here… and I love my new smile!”

Gunilla – Release Your Personality with a Smile

As a child in Switzerland, Gunilla was subjected to the worst kind of “preventive” dentistry imaginable. They filled with amalgam – even the spaces between their teeth. This was done to keep the children from experiencing tooth decay and was considered routine, preventive dentistry.

“It ruined my smile which was black between every tooth,” Gunilla says. “My teeth were joined together and there was no way to floss. Since Kindergarten, I had barely smiled and when I was older, I only smiled for all my pictures with my mouth closed.”

An inability to smile was especially problematic for Gunilla. She owns an elegant day spa nestled in the mountains. When you offer clients health and beauty solutions, you want to exude poise, smiling with a warmth your clients feel and that keeps them coming back. That is exactly the confidence Gunilla found with Dr. Weiser.

“I had been to four other doctors in Santa Barbara but none of them would touch the problem. Dr. Weiser replaced the silver fillings, in and between every tooth, and placed veneers.”

Gunilla’s warm and exuberant personality has finally been brought out… way out! “Now I smile all the time,” enthuses Gunilla. “I’ll walk right up to someone – get close – and just smile! I smile to everyone. If you have clean, white, beautiful teeth, it doesn’t matter how many wrinkles you have. You smile is your face-lift.”

Connie – Natural, Healthy, Glowing Smile

“With my previous dentures I couldn’t see my teeth when I smiled – even little children noticed, and it made me want to hide my smile. I thought that since my smile detracted from my looks so much, I’d just rather not smile at all.”

“A nurse, where I worked, was raving about Dr. Weiser and so I came to see him. Now I feel so much better about myself. People don’t know that I have dentures – they look so natural that no one knows they aren’t my own teeth! When I go out, I smile and have a great time! Dr. Weiser makes you feel at home. He treats you like a friend, and he has such a great sense of humor.”

Imelda – No More Metal in Your Mouth!

When J. Imelda Ketterer, began to worry about her silver fillings a friend recommended that she go to Dr. Weiser.

“I am so happy that I came to Dr. Weiser,” says Imelda. “He took the silver fillings out of my teeth and replaced a failing bridge. He makes sure you never feel pain, that he does not hurt you. He has such a gentle touch. My smile makes me feel confident and clients can see it.”

Sharr Contreras

I am very pleased with my new smile, but mostly I love the ability to eat even the toughest of foods. I can’t remember ever being able to chew raw almonds, carrots, celery, seeds or apples. Now I can ….. I have had so many complements on how beautiful my teeth are that it is fun for me to smile now.

The staff at your office has been very efficient, warm and welcoming. Being your patient has been a terrific experience. I am in a constant state of appreciation of you and your staff.

Janet – The Power to Believe in Yourself

Janet Kelley-Sanchez hesitated to smile because of the black fillings in her teeth. Since a gracious smile is so important to Janet’s profession, this really bothered her. 

“Mark gave me painless, quick, complete attention. I have never experienced these things with previous dentists. When I come to Dr. Weiser, I have high expectations. And he always exceeds them.”


Jim – A Picture Perfect Smile

“I was raised by a photographer and my wife is a camera buff, but I simply hated having my picture taken.

I originally came to Dr. Weiser because of an issue with my two front teeth and a filling that was coming loose. I just wanted to repair the damage but Dr. Weiser talked to me about veneers, and he was right

My teeth had been quite uneven. I had six veneers placed on my top teeth and whitened the rest. Now it is a lot easier to smile for the camera – smile more in general. That is worth so much to me.”

Carole – The Gift of a Smile for a Milestone Birthday

“I love my smile so much. It is amazing how great my smile is and how often I use it! For years, I had been clenching and grinding my teeth while sleeping. As a result, I had worn down their length considerably. Since I am nearing another milestone birthday (60), I decided to treat myself to a healthy new look. Dr. Weiser and his awesome staff made both the process and the procedure simple.I am much more conscious about my dental hygiene now and I wear a night guard to keep these beautiful teeth in shape. I used to smile with my lips closed but now I eagerly smile my big, old grin. Thanks again Dr. Weiser and staff!”

Christie Powell – I Love This Place!

Honestly, today’s procedure was painless and comfortable. Something I have never experienced before…and I have had a great deal of experience. Dr. Weiser and Vanessa were darling, good hearted and reassuring. I love this place!

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile. Those with crooked or discolored teeth often hesitate to smile or may cover their mouths when they smile or laugh. A poor smile can hinder and inhibit. True personalities can remain painfully hidden behind an embarrassing smile.

Patricia Bivens

“Dr Weiser is the best dentist in SB. He is very professional, his work ,his staff are outstanding. I have been to many dentists in town and not one has treated me with such caring about his work. Thank you Dr. Weiser and thank everyone of your staff. 5 stars!”