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Non-Metal Restorations in Santa Barbara

Replace White Fillings with Metal-Free Restorations

White fillings don’t just look better than metal fillings, they’re healthier, too.

Non-metal restorations are increasing in popularity in our Santa Barbara dental office with the negative publicity about mercury exposure and metal fillings being the #1 cause of human exposure to mercury, a highly toxic substance.


In addition to the potential toxicity impact, metal fillings can cause tooth damage, make them more susceptible to breakage and further decay, too. Whether you want your silver fillings replaced with white fillings or are interested in learning about crowns or porcelain onlays, we would be happy to help you. Dr. Mark T. Weiser and his team would be happy to help you explore your options for non-metal restorations that will look better and be better for your oral and overall health, too.

Safe Amalgam Filling Removal

At our Santa Barbara dentist’s office, we strive to keep you, the patient, as well as our dental team safe during metal filling removal. Because of the potentially toxic vapor released when an amalgam filling is removed, a specific protocol must be followed. We leverage rubber dams, oxygen therapy, and safety standards to ensure that potentially harmful amalgam fillings are carefully removed and disposed of.

No More Metal in my mouth! I am so happy that I came to Dr. Weiser. He took the silver fillings out of my teeth. He makes sure you never feel pain, that he does not hurt you. He has such a gentle touch.
— Imelda - Patient Santa Barbara

Our non-metal restorations include composite fillings, crowns, and onlays. We strive to provide you with aesthetically-pleasing strong restorations that improve your smile as well as increase the strength of your teeth — something your amalgam fillings may be compromising. Mercury-free restorations offer a safer alternative to amalgam fillings. They’re stronger, they look better, and they do not carry the same risk of damaging the remaining part of your tooth that they were designed to protect.

Why Choose Dr. Mark T. Weiser, Cosmetic Dentist for Non-Metal Restorations?

Non-metal restorations are one of the many restorative dentistry options offered at our Santa Barbara, CA dentist’s office. Dr. Weiser and his team strive to help you put forward a healthy and beautiful smile. Talk to us about non-metal restorations today. Contact our office at (805) 899-3600.