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Ozone Whitening

Get O3 Teeth Whitening in Santa Barbara

There are a variety of options for teeth whitening. Oxygen-Ozone assisted teeth whitening is beginning to increase in popularity as more patients begin to ask for this more-gentle, as-effective, bleaching procedure. Dr. Weiser’s patients at his Santa Barbara dental office have been benefiting from the power of ozone / oxygen therapy (O3 therapy) for many years. Teeth whitening is another new way that ozone helps with dental procedures.

"Ozone treatments are increasingly being used on the teeth and gums to aid in remineralizing teeth, desensitizing them, plus killing bacteria. In terms of whitening, ozone therapy can be very complementary as it boosts the oxidizing potential of the bleaching gel and at the same time eliminating most sensitivity that can accompany typical whitening procedures; a true win-win therapy!"
—Dr. Mark Weiser

About Ozone Teeth Whitening

Get a Whiter Smile

Ozone therapy can help with a variety of teeth whitening challenges, including tetracycline stains, which can be very hard to get rid of. Because ozone therapy can be excellent for killing oral infections, it’s increasingly being added to other dental procedures as a complementing therapy. Dr. Weiser can meet with you to discuss your questions and concerns about stains or other cosmetic issues and make a recommendation to help you get a beautiful smile that you can be proud to show off.

Teeth whitening is very popular but not all options are created equally. Talk to your dentist about options for teeth whitening. Safely whitening teeth and getting dramatic results as well as dealing with difficult stains can best be accomplished through a trained dentist or dental hygienist.

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If you’d like a cosmetic dentistry consultation to talk about getting whiter teeth, about straightening your teeth, about getting tooth-colored restorations, or if you are interested in talking about whole mouth reconstruction, talk to Dr. Weiser. He would be happy to offer you a consultation to discuss your options. We also offer dental financing, too and our Santa Barbara dental office leverages the latest in modern dental technology and focuses on providing comfortable, anxiety-free holistic dentistry. Call our Santa Barbara dental office for an appointment today at (805) 899-3600.