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Ulcers and Periodontal Disease

Gum Disease and the Stomach Ulcer Link

Mouth ulcers can happen for a variety of reasons, including periodontal disease. But beyond ulcers in your mouth, gum disease could also be connected to stomach ulcers, too. Dr. Mark T. Weiser offers periodontal assessments and treatments in his Santa Barbara dental office.

How Gum Disease is Linked to Ulcers

Ulcers are one of the many systemic links to gum disease. How is gum disease connected with stomach ulcers? Bacteria in the mouth, such as is the case of periodontal disease, which creates ongoing active infections in the mouth, can put you at risk for h.Pylori bacteria. Left untreated, this bacteria can lead to ulcers and stomach cancer.

If you have signs of gum disease, such as a foul odor and / or taste in the mouth, tender gums, gum ulcers, and bleeding while brushing or flossing, make an appointment for a gum health assessment as soon as possible. The sooner you stop periodontal disease in its tracks the lower the chances of letting systemically linked diseases and illnesses take hold of your health. The health of the mouth is strongly connected with your health in general and there are many ways to prevent and treat gum disease.

A variety of gum disease treatment options are available in Santa Barbara. Dentists like Dr. Weiser who offer periodontal treatment options can help determine which stage of gum disease you are at and can help you stop the disease in its tracks. Mild to moderate forms of gum disease may be able to be treated non-surgically and Dr. Weiser also provides minimally invasive laser gum therapy options for gum disease, which are quick and comfortable, without the need for sutures.

Getting Santa Barbara Periodontal Disease Treatment from Dr. Weiser

When you work with the dental health team in Dr. Mark Weiser’s Santa Barbara dental office you gain access to caring professionals who want you to have the healthiest smile possible. Gum disease can do damage to your smile as well as cut your life short through raising your risk of stomach ulcers, respiratory diseases, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other health problems. Seeking immediate help for signs of gum disease will give you the best chance of ensuring that you preserve your smile as well as your health in general.

Call Dr. Weiser at his Santa Barbara dentist’s office today at (805) 899-3600 for an appointment to discuss periodontal disease treatment options.