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Gum Disease and Stroke Risk

Periodontal Disease Could Raise Your Risk of Stroke

A lot of people in Santa Barbara don’t worry too much about their gums but do worry about the risk of stroke. Did you know that neglecting gum health could raise your stroke risk? Dr. Mark T. Weiser and his Santa Barbara dental health team are committed to great oral health and firmly believe in the oral health / systemic link connection. Science has proven time and again that untreated periodontal disease can cause a multitude of health problems and serious diseases above and beyond tooth loss, which in itself is reason enough to take good care of your gums.

What’s the Connection Between Gum Disease and Stroke?

Gum disease is an ongoing active infection that can have far-reaching effects. Those who are at risk for stroke need to pay extra attention to oral health. Dental checkups that involve gum assessments can help your dentist ensure that you don’t increase your risk of stroke through gum neglect.

Research has shown a correlation between stroke and advanced periodontal disease suggesting that the longer you neglect signs of gum disease, the greater your risk of stroke.

Gum disease can also serve as an early alert for cardiovascular disease and stroke risk, helping you see that you need to be proactive about lowering your risk for heart disease and stroke through other lifestyle changes in addition to caring for oral health.

Do you have the signs or symptoms of gum disease? While pain, sores, bleeding gums, and a foul taste in the mouth can point to signs of gum disease, it can progress for some time before those symptoms show up. The best approach to gum disease is a preventative one and regular checkups with your dentist can help immensely.

How Dr. Weiser, Santa Barbara Dentist, Can Help You Reduce Stroke Risk

Wherever possible, Dr. Weiser takes a non-surgical and minimally invasive approach to treating gingivitis and periodontitis. A gum assessment can help Dr. Weiser and his team determine the best way to help you stop gum disease from advancing. We leverage laser dentistry and other protocols that will help you have healthy gums and teeth that can last you a lifetime.

Many people in Santa Barbara take the time to change their lifestyle to lower stroke risk. Make gum health part of the change in your life so that you can lower your risk of stroke and other systemic diseases that are connected to periodontitis.

Call Dr. Weiser’s Santa Barbara dental office today at (805) 899-3600 for an appointment to have a gum assessment and / or to discuss periodontal disease screening.