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Gum Disease and Cancer Linked

Santa Barbara Periodontal Disease Treatment and Reducing Risk of Cancer and Other Systemic Diseases

Systemic diseases like Cancer are being increasingly linked to periodontal disease. Gum health is directly related to more than good oral health; gum health can equate to systemic health. At the Santa Barbara dental office of Dr. Mark T. Weiser, holistic approaches to oral care are part of our practice philosophy. Cancer prevention is one of the areas we take seriously. Beyond offering oral cancer screening in our office, we also recommend a gum assessment. At every checkup, we look at the health of your gums. Not only is good periodontal health important for a nice smile and for retaining your teeth but it’s also important from the perspective of limiting the risk of systemic diseases. Cancer is one of the many serious concerns related to poor periodontal health.

Gum Disease and Cancer Risk

About 75% of the population has some degree of gum disease. The more advanced the gum disease, the greater the risk of infections having an impact on other areas of your health. Kidney, blood, and pancreatic cancer show links to periodontitis. Gum disease could also raise your risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other problems, too.

Lifestyle is directly related to cancer risk. If you’ve quit smoking, started eating better, and started exercising in an effort to reduce your risk of developing cancer, you should also consider oral care a part of that prevention.

Signs of gum disease (bleeding gums, gum soreness, mouth ulcers, sensitivity, loose teeth, etc.) should be assessed as soon as possible. The earlier you begin gum disease treatment, the better the chance you have of limiting the impact gum disease can have on your oral health and your systemic health. By addressing gum disease early on, you also have more minimally invasive treatment options available to you. At our Santa Barbara dental office, Dr. Weiser and his team offer a variety of periodontal treatment options and we would be happy to meet with you and provide a consultation.

Benefits of Working With Dr. Weiser

Santa Barbara dental reviews rate Dr. Weiser as ”highly recommended“. Dr. Weiser leverages the latest in dental technology, has a dynamic and caring dental team, and offers a comfortable patient-focused environment. If you are concerned about your gums and cancer prevention, make an appointment for a consultation today.

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