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Breath Control

Get Professional Breath Control Help in Santa Barbara, CA

Do you have halitosis / bad breath and want help from a Santa Barbara dentist? Bad breath is something most people have experience with from time to time but for some, it’s an ongoing problem. While many believe oral malodor is caused by the stomach, more often than not, the cause is related to oral hygiene and very often it comes from deep crevices on the back of your tongue or from bacteria in periodontal pockets. Breath control is an important part of regular dental cleanings and check-ups. If you have a persistent foul taste in your mouth or believe that you have halitosis, talk to us on your next visit.

Bad Breath and Periodontal Pockets

Beyond bad breath coming from a bacteria infected tooth or food caught between teeth, oral malodor can also come from periodontal pockets. While there are naturally occurring bacteria called Gram-negative bacteria and they form VSC’s (odorous volatile sulfur compounds) and they have a strong scent much like rotten eggs.

Good Dental Care the Key to Fresh Breath

With regular teeth cleanings and check-ups, your dentist can help you keep your mouth healthy and can help you avoid persistent bad breath. Regular cleanings where a hygienist will scrape your tongue and leverage an antibacterial gels well as scale and polish the teeth help reduce risk of gum disease as well as preserve the health of your teeth.

We also recommend that for those with breath control problems, in addition to a good brushing and flossing regimen that you use mints or chewing gum formulated to help improve the breath. Eucalyptus and thymol are two essential oils often in gum and mints that can help. Zinc chloride also helps neutralize bad breath.

If you need help with bad breath or are looking for a new general dentist, Dr. Mark T. Weiser is a skilled Santa Barbara, CA dentist with a great track record in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. Call (805) 899-3600 for an appointment to talk about breath control, cosmetic dentistry, smile restoration, periodontal health, and other oral health and wellness areas.